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I saw Mitzi smile more during that hour and a half long class than I think I've ever seen her smile in our lives. To say that teaching and fitness make her happy is truly an understatement! And when someone feels that passionately about something, it's an absolute pleasure to have them by your side!


As for the class itself.. I've been a lot less active the last 6 months due to some frustrating health problems that have mostly kept me off the burlesque stage. When Mitzi put together this class I decided 'f*ck it! I'm going to do it and if it's too hard I'll stop'. What proved to me that Mitzi is a great instructor who actually cares about what she does is that she was 100% willing to modify some of the movements and reps so that I could still take part. She also put up with my smart ass comments (I can't help it!!)

Seriously people, this class is for EVERYONE. Have you never worked out before? This class is for you. Do you have an injury? This class is for you. Are you a regular gym goer? This class is still for you!

- Yael P.


My experience at Booty camp was very invigorating! The energy and the small group allowed me to be myself and never feel judged. This class always made me leave with a smile.. Mitzi is so motivating and encouraging, she always makes us feel like we are doing awesome work and sometimes it's the only thing that it takes to make us push our boundaries.

Thank you Mitzfitness for this great camp!

- Roxane K. 


I had an incredible experience at Mitzfitness’ 6 week Booty Camp!


The small class size had a little bit of everything (cardio, weights, yoga) and gave me the boost I needed to get out of my fitness shell. I loved the progress I saw in myself each week!


Mitzi is a trainer that can bring out the best in anyone, pushing you hard enough to realize just what you can be. Thank you Mitzi, I can’t wait for your next session!

- Marie A.


I cant really give an opinion on the whole session, even though I wish I was part of it since the beginning :)


It was an amazing class, I felt like I was in the group after a few minutes. I figure, at the first few session you usually take time to evaluate the level and the experience of your participants.  I also want to congrats you on your french translation for my friend, the yoga relaxation part wasn't easy to deal with in the two languages, but you managed to handle it so she felt not too lost. I'm so glad I won the chance to try your work out program.  Thanks for your professionalism, your advice and your patience. 


Thanks again! 

Jolaine B.


I’ve been on my fitness/weight loss/training journey for several months now, and of all the things I’ve tried, BOOTY CAMP is by far my favorite one!! It mixes cardio, strength, endurance, yoga in a really fun bundle! It was such a blast to come meet up with the girls once a week to break a sweat, bust out a couple of dance moves between reps during the boot camp portion and then find my balance and center myself for the rest of the week during the yoga portion. It was great also that the class is really for everyone, regardless of your level of fitness and endurance, Mitzi really works with everyone individually to make sure we get the proper method and workout!

I already knew Mitzi as a strong and beautiful lady, now I’m happy to know her as an awesome and motivating coach!!! If any of you are still debating as to whether or not take this class… DO IT!!!

Catherine B.

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