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Work Out, Feel Good

I write about this and other ways to combat stress, depression and burnout in my book, Thrive Through Self Care.

Working out is one of my favourite ways to de-stress.

Why does exercise make you happy?

There are scientific reasons:

  • The pituitary gland releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone, when you exercise. This means that when you exercise you are causing a chemical reaction in your body that leads to a boosted mood, pain relief and a general sense of well-being.

  • Those endorphins also lead to lower anxiety levels - so exercise can actually help you manage your stress!

And there are non-scientific reasons:

  • Exercise gets you out of bed.

  • It can act as a distraction - a tough workout requires you to

  • focus on what you are doing!

  • Intense workouts are great stress relief - let out all your anger!

  • Lifting something heavy (with proper form, of course) can

  • make you feel like a total badass and that is just awesome!

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