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The Price of Love

Grief is the price of love..

Think about it.

Grief, in its many forms, is the loss of something that held a significant place in your life (loved one, relationship, job, you name it).

The feeling of grief when that thing is no longer in your life is the price you pay for that thing meaning so much to you while you had it.

If that's the case, how do you define anticipatory grief?

The cost of putting yourself second? The cost of incurable disease? The byproduct of a slow and unpreventable death?

This will be a big one to think about.

I also came to the realization recently that this may be why I hold back in relationships (of all sorts) or let them go so easily - I am afraid to allow something to hold such meaning as I have already experienced losses of magnitude. Pfft.. who needs a therapist.. I thought of that one while doing the dishes.

Going within and really digging in to these thoughts when they arise is a form of self care. If you can't be at peace with your thoughts, how can you practice other forms of self care? This is the hard part.. The inner work. The emotional struggle to uncover why we feel a certain way or why we are the way we are.

Please remember, if you feel alone - you are not.

If you think no one understands you - I promise you that someone does.

If you want to talk - reach out. My inbox is always open.



For those who may be new to the life of Mitzfitness, author of Thrive Through Self Care..... I lost my mom almost 9 years ago and my dad has ALS.

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