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Give In? Give It All You’ve Got? The Choice Is Yours.

What do you do when you feel defeated? Life is hard. Everyone struggles. We’ve all got our own problems. But, it’s what we do when faced with these problems that sets us apart. Here are four tips for standing up in the face of a seemingly unsolvable problem.

1. Assess the situation Gather the facts. Look at the big picture. Prepare for a reaction instead of instinctually reacting.

2. Stay calm

Remaining level-headed will get you further than ready-to-explode ever will.

3. Create a “plan of attack”

Line up the steps you need to take to tackle your problem. Think of all the things that could go wrong, but more importantly of the things that could go right.

4. Execute, with or without perfection

The important piece here is that you are taking action in the first place. Whether or not you succeed is secondary. Plus even if you fail, why not try again? How do I know?

As an almost 31 year old who has dealt with her fair share of problems, struggles, challenges, whatever you want to call them, I know a thing or two about getting shit done. I also know a thing or two about what happens if we let our problems, struggles, “whatevers” get the best of us. Burnt out and depression are real struggles that weigh more than any old life struggle ever will. Prevent or overcome those and you can truly do and overcome anything life throws at you.

Need a hand with this? Check out my e-book, Thrive Through Self Care for a handy guide to using self care to alleviate or prevent stress, burnout and depression.

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