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Power of persistence

Water cuts through rock, not because of its strength but because of its persistence.

We mere humans, who happen to be made up of about 60% water, could learn a thing or two from our main ingredient!

1. Do what’s necessary

The wave that hits the rock just goes back and forth over again slowly carving its path. Keep your head down, take your necessary steps and trust that you will get there.

2. Don’t give up

The wave doesn’t stop moving when the first crash has no effect. You should do the same. When one day of healthy eating doesn’t help you lose fat, when one workout doesn’t improve your cardiovascular health, when one writing sesh doesn’t produce the content you wanted - try again. Keep at it. The results will come.

3. Take breaks

The water isn’t always moving. Sometimes it’s still. As you should be, too. Pressing pause gives you a chance to reflect on your journey and readjust if needed!

4. Stay hydrated

Just drink a lot. It’s really good for you. We all know why by now. So just do it!


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