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Kindness where you least expect it

A week or so ago I ran in to someone I haven’t seen in ages. Our paths cross (totally by accident) about once per year and we keep up with each other on social media. I was in such a rush. I had missed every bus I wanted to take on the way to my dad’s then as I decided to switch routes completely I ran in to this friend. Though entirely out of his way, he insisted on giving me a lift without knowing how frustrated I was.  

I said thank you, of course, but I don’t think the words really conveyed how I felt. Having been in a pretty dark place lately, it was such a beautiful thing to experience some kindness, totally unexpectedly. Having a random catch up and talking about normal everyday things, too - couldn’t have asked for a better surprise. So to Charlie, thank you. For helping me in more ways than you knew. And to those of you reading this - do something kind for someone today. You never know when they need it most. And I do believe that if you’re in need of some kindness, the universe will send some back to you.  

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