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Caring for Those Who Care

My dad has been sick for almost 5 years now. While I am not the only person who takes care of him, I am his primary caregiver.

This past summer, I discovered Huddol thanks to it's founder, Mark Stolow, and was asked if I would want to participate in this incredible Telus-funded web series showcasing caregivers and giving back to them. My instinct was to say no – I felt as though I didn’t deserve to be put in the spot light since caregiving is not my “full time job”. I spoke with the North of Now team and was assured that they were looking for all kinds of caregivers – full time, part time, every different view – so as to ensure that every scenario was represented.

I shared that I was writing a book about using self care to manage stress and depression as well as alleviate or prevent burnout, strongly inspired by my experiences balancing caregiving with the many other aspects of my life.

Not only am I honoured to have been a part of this project, I am grateful for the monetary support I received for the publication of my e-book as well as the incredibly well-made keepsake of my father and me. Want to watch our episode? Scroll to the end of this post!

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And here is the piece de resistance, originally posted on Stories for Caregivers:

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