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Self-Care - Why and What

Ah, self-care…. That little thing that makes such a (great!) difference in our lives but tends to get shoved aside so often.

You may be asking “why is self-care so important?” and that’s a great question!

Human beings, love to give give give and go go go. We hustle and bustle throughout our days sometimes without even stopping to eat (which is bad, don’t do that).

We are emptying our tanks of energy and barely replenishing it.

Taking just a few minutes each day to do something for ourselves has such a tremendous effect on the hormones and chemicals in our body which, in turn, affects our stress levels, mood and energy.

What is self care? Care of ourselves by ourselves. Grand or simple, self care is a way to ensure the we our filling our own "cups" of energy before filling others'.

Examples of self care:

  • reading a book

  • taking a bath

  • having a conversation with someone you love

  • taking a walk

  • sitting in nature

  • playing a game

  • napping

  • getting a manicure

  • going for a massage

  • working out

  • eating healthy food

  • taking a yoga class

The list is endless!!

I challenge you to take just a few moments, today and every day, to do something for YOU.

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