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Hack your Starbucks order!

Summer is descending upon us and that means:




Iced coffee!

Spending time outdoors!

The one thing I can help you out with from that list is how to spice up your Starbucks order to better suit your goals.

If you are working on keeping your diet in check or would rather indulge with food than with a drink, the most important tip - reconsider the Frappucino. Or at least modify it.

  • Opt for less syrup or an unsweetened version depending on how you feel about artificial sweeteners.

  • Switch your milk to almond milk

  • Skip the whipped cream

If you want to forego the Frap all together, there is no need for FOMO. Here are my personal drink orders:

  • Americano or just filtered coffee on ice with one pump of sugar free flavour or regular flavour depending on what I've eaten that day.

  • Tea on ice! Try getting half passion tea and half green tea, *without the lemonade/syrup*. It's super refreshing and tastes like a treat!

  • A latte on ice - made with almond milk and I add cinnamon or a pump of unsweetened flavor.

The trick here is to not beat yourself up over a drink order. Want that sugary delicious treat? DRINK IT. But don't feel guilty after. What's the point of indulging if you can't enjoy it?

And if you opt for something lighter, that doesn't mean you have to look on with disdain at anyone who orders the heavier options. To each their own.

Happy summer, everyone!

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