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*YOU* time

*you* time.

...You know it's important...

...But you feel selfish.

Guilty, even.

Why do you deserve to take time for yourself when others are going through tougher times?

Do these thoughts sound familiar? I know have them quite often even though it may seem like I take a lot of me-time. I do, but every time I do it, I have an argument with myself to remind myself that it's ok.

And it is ok. We all know how the story goes - you can't pour from an empty cup. If you can't take care of yourself how can you take care of others?

As clichéd as those statements are, technically, you can do those things but the implied message is that you can not do those things and survive. By giving and giving and neglecting yourself, you deplete the energy and compassion that lies within you and get closer and closer to burn out.

Burn out is real.

Don't believe me? Walk in to almost any corporate office and I promise you there are at least one or two employees on sick leave for burn out.

Know someone who is sick with --insert disease here--? Talk to their caregivers (family), I'm willing to bet they're close to burnout. And why? Because they push themselves to the bottom of the list.

I get it. I've been there. And I promised myself I would never let it get there again.

What steps can you take?

You ARE top-of-the-list material.

For starters, schedule your me-time. Go in to your calendar and block it off! Obviously when there are special circumstances you may need to move that block around, but never cancel.

It could be 5 minutes, 15 minutes, an hour or even an entire afternoon - but I swear, YOU ARE WORTH IT. Your loved one deserves a rejuvenated YOU. Your coworker deserve a more productive YOU.

YOU deserve some inner peace.

You deserve to wake up rested in the morning.

You deserve a day fuelled by your passions, hopes and dreams instead of 5 cups of copy and a Monster Energy drink.

Treat yourself to some *you* time. Do something you love. Do something with someone you love. DO nothing at all.

Exercise, meditate, do yoga, go for a walk.

Color, read, paint, cook.

Whatever you do - do it for YOU. Do it because you want to.

Most importantly - DON'T FEEL GUILTY about whatever it is.

Last week I went to a workshop at a gym I've never been to (Agatsu) to learn about yoga tune-up for opening the hips. I didn't go because I wanted to expand my knowledge repertoire for clients. I went because I needed to open my damn hips. I didn't go because I thought I could use it for my dad who is ill. I went because I needed two hours to unwind and maybe meet some new people. I did it for ME.

Want to know a secret? It was a fantastic afternoon! It felt great to move and to show my body some love and I met some cool people too.

Want to know another secret? I didn't feel guilty at all.

Are you in a tough spot? Do you think you are close to burnout? While I am not taking on new clients (reread this post and you'll understand why!) I am always reachable.

If you need someone to talk to I'm here.


Without judgement.

Without pressure.

With an open mind.



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