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2,557 days


Just a random number I pulled out of my ass?

While that is entirely something I would do.. I didn't.

2,557 days have passed. That's 7 years, two of which were leap years.

Since what, you ask?


Some of my readers probably think they know that answer.

I bet they're wrong.

In fact... I know they're wrong.

While it has been 7 years since my mom passed away it has also been 7 years since one of the most pivotal moments, if not THE pivotal moment, that changed my life. Instead of focusing on the event itself I like to consider it a moment in time.

A wise lady told me recently that where your attention goes, energy flows and I truly believe that.

Over the majority of the past 2,557 days I could have focused only on my grief. On some of the sad events that have transpired since then. But instead, I have given my attention to building a life that I love. To strengthening old, severing toxic and building new relationships to ensure that I am surrounded by inspiring, loving, kind-hearted people with whom I share interests and values.

What does this mean for others that experience a loss? That there is hope. There is an end to the darkness. You will find the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. But only if you open yourself up to finding it.

What made me want to write this blog post? I came across this photo in my Facebook news feed:

And my first thought was “yeah me too”. Obviously this can’t possibly be true – but the sentiment was there. Technically I do talk to her almost every day, in my mind. Not in the crazy “I have other voices in my head” kind of way, rather in the “oh mommy I wish I could share this with you” kind of way.

Does this make me sad? A little. Does this stop me in my tracks and send me spiralling back to despair? No. Because I have taken the necessary steps to ensuring that I am surrounded by great people and that I have jobs that I enjoy.

I guess the message I’m trying to send here is that even in those super shitty events there is a silver lining (which I am always saying exists EVERYWHERE you just need to find it). The silver lining is that with each failure, with each tragedy, with each sad event there is a new opportunity to find yourself, to recreate yourself, to build something to be proud of and call your own.

2,557 days.

All you really need is two.

Really, you only need one…. But take a day to yourself first then dust yourself off and start writing your next chapter on the next day.

The outcome of the story is entirely in your control.

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