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What is going on?

Not all is good in the Mitzfitness world.


I admit it.

I am human and I fall. I tumble head first out of the bandwagon and drag ass to get back on.


Because I am going through some pretty rough things, personally.

These things have affected my work and my fitness journey. And I have accepted that. I have also accepted that it is up to me to pick myself back up and no one else.

I've got some pretty amazing people in my corner that have been there the entire way - that is to say that when they discovered I wasn't doing so well they never left my side (figuratively and physically for some).

Then again, there have also been some people that just disappeared when it mattered most.

They say tough times show you who your true friends are and I could not agree more with that statement.

I believe that leaving some friendships behind and making new ones is all a part of life. And if it happens as a side-effect of a personal rough patch then at least there is a silver lining to that rough patch.

I also believe that tough times show you your own strength. So I can let the depression and ridiculously unfortunate circumstances bring me down OR I can let it fuel my fire and drive me towards success, progress and light. Some days are better than others. But I know that I want to take care of myself so that I can take care of those that currently need it and I know that I will absolutely compete again in April so I need to stick to my meal plan and carve out time for the gym when I can.

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