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Yoga for the Body and Soul

So far October has been overwhelming yet calming.

How is that possible? I assure you that it is..

I managed to attend THREE yoga classes last week but at the same time my schedule has been pulling me in many many different directions.

After my third class of the week I reflected on some points that my teacher, Melanie Richards, had brought up during class. I was so inspired by her words that I had her repeat them to me after class so I could write them down.

Somehow, during any class I take, with her or with Sonya, the theme always finds a way to speak to me. Since Mel's class is slower (yin) I tend to remember her words more than Sonya's, which are fast-paced (hatha flow).

"The instant you love and accept yourself, the whole world loves and accepts you. The moment you value yourself the whole world values you. What you receive from yourself you receive more easily from others - Loving yourself enables you to accept love from others."

Such beautiful words. Such truth. Such inspiration.

I believe this applies to loving what you see in the mirror, loving who you are as a person as well as showing yourself love through self care activities. By this definition. taking a yoga class is a great way to love and be loved.

Another gem: Melanie's definition of forgiveness is "accepting that you can not change the past - It doesn't make it ok - you accept that you can't change it". I can't tie this in to my bodybuilding theme but I can say that she is damn right!!!! And we should all live by this lesson.

I still can't say it enough - yoga and bodybuilding go hand in hand. Get that competitive edge by including at least one yoga session a week in to your schedule!!

After the intensity that has been my new training plan plus all the craziness going on my life, my yoga practice has been a saving grace. My muscles feel way less sore than they should and I am feeling my stress a lot less than expected.

My mat is a safe haven. The asanas are my wings. And my teachers are true angels.

Namaste :)


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