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Yoga recovery and photo shoot

As some of you readers may be aware I've had a rough month. I've had to postpone my competition to April partly because of that.

Postponing the show doesn't mean that I will stop training and following a meal plan - I still have goals! Starting this week, I will be following a progressive overload program for my workouts. This means that each week, I will increase the weights that I am using for each exercise. This will exhaust the muscles but help them to grow. All about those gains :)

The downside of this, which really isn't so bad, is that I will be in dire need of recovery! It's a good thing I have a regular yoga practice to save me.

Serendipitously, I made it to Hatha Flow on Wednesday with Sonya. The day before, I had done a chest/tricep workout. I was SO sore. Guess what we focused on in class? You guessed it - Upper body, chest openers, and the like. What a perfect complement!

Following class I usually stick around to practice my headstand and chat with some of the other yogis. I really liked what I was wearing so I asked one of them to take a photo which turned in to a mini yoga photoshoot!

I love the photos and can't wait for my professional shoot coming up within the next couple of weeks.

Have you been training hard? Are you experiencing something stressful? I strongly encourage you to check out a yoga class at Happy Tree. The teachers, other students and atmosphere are all incredible - you will be transported to a place where all your problems fade away temporarily and you can just focus on yourself. Self care truly is important.



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