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Birthday reflections at 29

Last year when I turned 28 I wrote a blog post that looked back on the year I had - I reflected on how I had hit rock bottom and come out stronger and better than before.

This year, I look back on the 366 days (it was a leap year!) since then and am so proud of the person I have become. My 28th year on this earth was one of immense self discovery and growth.

I competed in my first body building competition a couple of weeks after turning 28 and eventually began preparing for another.

I made new friends. Strengthened newer friendships and let some go.

I signed up for and completed my 200 hour yoga certification.

That certification was the catalyst for many life changes which included leaving my super corporate job, working more on my own business and living a life that I WANT not one that I am settling for.

Each day I work a little harder on growing in to the person I want to become.

Every time I work out, every time I step on my yoga mat, every time I nourish myself with healthy food, every time I write a blog post, train a client, teach a class - Each and every one of these occurrences enriches my life in some way.

And though some pretty shitty things have taken place this year as well, both in my personal life and in the world in general - I can say without a doubt that this has been a great year because it has changed me for the better.

So thank you to all those that contributed the greatness of 28. Thank you to all those that detracted from 28 - it made the opposite that much more meaningful.

I know 29 will be even better :)




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