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I'm not a yogi?

I don't have a daily practice.

I don't like meditating.

I eat meat.

I curse (a lot).

I eat non-organic vegetables.

There are many advanced postures that i can not do.

My yoga mat cost under 20$.

I am not a "typical" yogi.

When I step on my mat everything else going on in my life disappears.

I can do tripod headstands and tables and several balancing asanas.

I am flexible.

I can touch my toes.

I do my best to live in the present moment.

I acknowledge that the universe has powers beyond our control.

I guess I am a yogi.

In my opinion, a yogi is someone that seeks and finds themselves through all aspects of yoga - physical, spiritual, etc.

Someone that gets on their mat even if just to take a child's pose.

Someone who practices mindfulness and presence as much as they can.

Yoga has been a major player in my fitness journey - providing me with a physical outlet when I was unable to work out in a gym. Helping me learn a million different things about myself. Providing me with a clear path and purpose to follow. Helping me recover from intense lifting sessions. And more.

Yoga has helped me reach new "gains" in my bodybuilding journey. I recover quicker. I don't get too lost in the aesthetic side of the lifestyle. I am grounded. I am calm (most of the time). I have an escape when everything else gets to be too much. Yoga can be part of a "rest day".

For all of this I am grateful. Grateful to have found Happy Tree Yoga Studio. Grateful for the ability to practice. Grateful for all that I have learned and all that I continue to learn.

Last week, I made it to yin yoga at Happy Tree amidst the week from HELL. The space is so warm and welcoming that when I burst in to tears before, during and after the class I did not feel self conscious or embarrassed. In fact, a girl I didn't know gave me the biggest hug (Thanks Lexi? I think that was your name??). Mel, the owner, talked to me a little before and after class. And I genuinely felt like I was in the safest place.

If you haven't yet checked out the studio, you should. Their open house week is still going strong until Sunday - go!!!

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