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Bodybuilding and Yoga - Introduction

A major difference during this prep is that I have a regular yoga practice! I've noticed that it is helping me to recover quicker and to keep me grounded throughout the stress in my day-to-day life and the stress the exercise is putting on my body.

I approached Melanie Richards, owner of Happy Tree Yoga, about doing a blog series about this connection! She happily agreed, so I am ecstatic to bring to you a 4 week series about the benefits of yoga for regular exercisers, particularly bodybuilders.

Melanie Richards, Happy Tree Yoga

Founder and Director of HappyTree Yoga Studio in Montreal, Melanie leads Hatha, Yin and Gentle Yoga teacher trainings. She was recognized as an outstanding citizen by CTV’s The Power of One for her work in the community with cancer patients and underprivileged youth, and is the winner of a Quebec Notable Award for social entrepreneurship. Melanie is a passionate speaker and writer (TEDx Montreal Women, RVH Foundation’s Youth Movement, MUHC NRIP Nurses Conference, Montreal Natural Magazine) on the topics of yoga and health. You can follow Melanie’s personal blog at

I'll be attending two classes a week for the remainder of my prep and taking an in depth look at how it helps me in all aspects - recovery, mental wellness, fat loss, and more.

Through my own practice I've noticed that intense hatha flow classes are actually becoming difficult for me the further in to prep I get. The best class so far? Yin! Yin is a slow paced class where students hold each posture for several minutes. The stretch is incredible and I feel super restored afterwards.

What you can expect from this series:

  • An interview with Mel about the benefits of yoga for bodybuilders - Hear it straight from the expert's mouth! (well, see it... It's in written form!)

  • A look at my experience using yoga throughout my competition prep

  • A chance to win two free classes at the studio!

Be sure to like my Facebook page to make sure you know when each blog post goes up and to be notified when the contest goes live! And while you're there, take a look around - I'm constantly posting interesting things (if I do say so myself..)



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