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Farewell and see you soon, booty campers!

Today is the last class from the summer session of Booty Camp.

I have learned so much from leading these classes and my students have grown so much from attending week after week.

I am so blessed to be able to share this passion for fitness and wellness with others!

For those that want to sign up for the fall session of Booty Camp (starting in October), make sure you sign up for my email list *HERE* so you don't miss out on the scoop!

Why should you exercise?

What do my booty campers have to say about the class?

I had an incredible experience at Mitzfitness’ 6 week Booty Camp! The small class size had a little bit of everything (cardio, weights, yoga) and gave me the boost I needed to get out of my fitness shell. I loved the progress I saw in myself each week! Mitzi is a trainer that can bring out the best in anyone, pushing you hard enough to realize just what you can be. Thank you Mitzi, I can’t wait for your next session!

- Marie

Looking forward to a fall session filled with fun, laughter, exercise and yoga with a group of fabulous people!



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