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Yoga, goals and challenges

Today I attended a fantastic Hatha Flow class with Sonya at Happy Tree Studio. Sonya was one of the teachers in my yoga teacher training that ended last month. I've been trying to attend a class with her since then and it finally worked out!

I love her style - very centre focused. The class was relaxing enough however there was plenty of room to push ourselves and challenge our limits in each pose thanks to clear instructions and modification options.

I believe that this is one of the most important qualities in a yoga teacher, fitness instructor, any physical activity really - being able to give modifications for beginners as well as advanced students so that everyone is getting a practice that meets their needs.

I've decided to join in on Happy Tree's 7 Weeks of Summer Challenge! My focus will be on improving my headstand. I actually haven't practiced my headstand in at least a month now. Today, I surprised myself and managed to extend my legs up towards the sky unassisted (though I kept a buddy right near me in case of falling). I think I have my return to the gym to thank for the progress as my core muscle strength has skyrocketed from regular exercise.

I am unsure what the next 6 weeks of challenges are going to focus on but I am dedicating myself to participating in each one :)

If you want to get in on the fun, head over to Happy Tree's website to check it out! Plus, if you want to attend classes there they have some awesome summer promotions going on, too. I get nothing out of promoting them other than the satisfaction that I am sharing an amazing studio with you, Mitzfits. I will never, EVER, suggest anything to you that I haven't tried and loved myself. (that goes for any products, stores, studios, you name it)

If one of your goals is to exercise more, eat better or just in general become a healthier version of YOU, don't be afraid to reach out. Even if we don't work together a chat over a cup of coffee or a phone call can help you put everything in to perspective.

Take care, Mitzfits!



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