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Boot-Y Camp

Class 1 of Boot-Y Camp took place this week and I am pumped! I've got a bunch of participants registered for all 6 classes and many others have expressed interest in dropping by for a class or two.

Why is this series so important to me?

  1. I get to share fitness and yoga with other people

  2. Ummm yeah.. See above, #1 is where it's at!

I've wanted to teach a class like this since I started my yoga teacher certification back in January and finally all the pieces have fallen in to place.

What is Boot-Y Camp?

Boot-Y Camp is a 1.5 hour class that combines a 45 minute, circuit-style bootcamp workout followed by a short break and 30-40 minutes of yoga to stretch and unwind. The class takes place every Monday (ending August 15th) from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

Why take part?

The workouts focus on building strength as well as improving cardiovascular endurance. By practicing yoga post-workout, you are not only stretching out the muscles you used in the workout, you are quieting the mind, going inward and building strength from within.

Anyone and everyone of all fitness levels can benefit. Performers. Office workers. Teachers. CEOs. Male. Female. ANYONE is welcome and ANYONE is capable. Modifications are offered for any level of experience.

Where is this class and can anyone drop in?

I am renting studio space at Tyler Anne School of Dance at Decarie Square (6900 Decarie Boulevard). Not only is it super accessible by bus and metro, there's free parking too! There is a private entrance from the parking lot (instead of searching through the mall).

Drop-ins are encouraged and cost only $25 per class payable in cash or by interac e-transfer. Don't be afraid of the perceived difficulty level or of other participants - The group is super diverse and includes people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Give yourself the gift of a little self care :)

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