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Shape that behind!

Real conversation that took place yesterday (Sunday April 17):

Me: I'd like to try this on

Victoria's Secret saleslady: Oh that underwear makes every ass look amazing!

Me: Well I already I like my ass so I guess I'll like it even more?

I love my bum.

There. I said it. I'm not afraid to admit it! I've worked hard on all aspects of my body but I think my bum is one of my favourite body parts.

Anyhow.... Do you love your behind? Do you want to shape it and grow it?

There are so many ways!

First of all, you need to eat. Restricting is never a good idea, but for growing muscles in particular restricting is a horrible idea!

A few select exercises you can do (these are just the one's I've chosen, obviously there a ton!):


  • On the floor using just your body weight - video example

  • On the floor with a plate or dumbbell in your lap - video example

  • With your shoulders resting on a bench and a barbell across your hips - video example


Donkey kicks

Cable kickbacks

Step ups

What do you do once you've grown that booty? BE PROUD OF IT!

Love yourself, Mitzfits!



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