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Be Fearless

Fear, that sneaky feeling inside you that screams: No! Don’t do this! It holds you back. It keeps you from stepping outside of your comfort zone. It prevents you from experiencing amazing things and experiencing growth.

You have to understand that fear is your friend. That sneaky little thing is trying to tell you something but you don’t want to listen. We covered this topic last weekend during Yoga Teacher Training with Lisa Lajoie.

In some cases, the fear is keeping you from entering a situation that will harm you. Gut feelings exists for a reason. However, there are other times where your fear is really trying to tell you “hey, this experience is going to be soooo uncomfortable but the end result is worth the few moments of what you are perceiving as pain”.

The unknown. We all fear it! Why? Because we are conditioned to appreciate only what we already know and our brains start to freak out when we are uncertain of what an outcome may be.

You may be wondering what kind of situation falls in to this category. I’ll give you a personal example – for quite a while I have wanted to leave my corporate full time job in pursuit a life centred around my true passions – health, wellness and fitness. I held back from making any changes because I was afraid of failing. I didn’t know what awaited me on the other side of that resignation letter. Although my job is a great one, with great people and amazing clients, I wasn’t being true to myself.

My fear of failing and not knowing what would happen held me back from doing anything and the longer I waited the worse I felt physically and emotionally. Then, upon beginning my yoga teacher training I discovered that there were other ways to approach this situation that aligned with my newfound goals.

One of our guest teachers in the training, Bram Levinson, was teaching us about the hindu gods and started by talking about his journey and beliefs. One thing stuck out to me: If you are unhappy with something, a job/situation/person/etc – let it go. Make space for something better, or whatever it is you want, to come to you. And as an example he used a situation very similar to my own! A couple of weeks later after a ton of reflection I made my decision and took that leap of faith.

Within the past few weeks since that fateful afternoon at the office I have felt infinitely better. My bosses took it well and I sincerely believe that their support helped me deal with the situation. My friends have been super supportive as well. From the moment that I gave in my notice I definitely made space for aaaaall the good stuff to come my way. Opportunity after opportunity and potential client after potential client have come my way (not to say I haven’t put in the work to reach these potentials). I’ve had several interviews and am certain that I am on the right path. I have been putting ample energy in to building my business and creating new experiences that will only serve to help me grow.

That guest teacher, Bram, has written a couple of books and let me tell you… they are eye opening!!!

One of my favourite paragraphs in the whole book

I devoured this book in 4 days! Even sat at Starbucks with it..

Be fearless, Mitzfits. You won’t regret it!

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