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Goals, Goals, Goals

Last January I set some goals for myself as I began to feel better. 6 goals – a few that were pretty simple and a couple that would take some dedication. Looking back, I hit each and every one of those goals and then some.

The goals were as follows:

  1. Learn to love cardio

  2. Get my eating habits back to what they were before my depression

  3. Take a dance class

  4. Get to the gym at least 4 times a week

  5. Reach and surpass my deadlift PR of 190lbs

  6. Compete in a bodybuilding competition before 2016

(click here if you want to read the original post!)


My top 9 posts on Instagram from 2015! Click the image to visit my Instagram page.

  1. I don’t “love” cardio per se… But I definitely don’t hate it anymore! I do cardio without bitching about it and actually kind of enjoy it. It lets me zone out and catch up on my YouTube subscriptions (Heidi Somers!! Sophie P. Fitness!!)

  2. I successfully got my eating back on track about a month after that blog post. Then, my eating got even better with the help of my coach Kim! (More on that in #6)

  3. I signed up for and took about 6 adult hip hop classes with the Tyler Ann School of Dance here in Montreal. I may have sucked at it but I really enjoyed it and had a blast! I’m pretty sure they still offer these classes so check them out if this is on your bucket list.

  4. By starting to work with my coach, Kim, I hit the gym 5 days a week and held myself accountable because my meal plan worked hand in hand with my workout plan. Carb cycling kept me in check since I couldn’t very well skip the gym if I had eaten a leg-day’s worth of carbs!!

  5. This one is so so special. On November 4th I hit a PR of 230lbs with the help of Gabe Choueke at Blackout Fitness. I felt like such a badass :)

  6. The biggest and most difficult goal that I successfully reached this year was competing in my first bodybuilding competition! As I initially wrote, I didn’t compete with the intention of placing. I competed with the intention of making myself proud and inspiring others along the way. And that’s exactly what I did.

So… Now what????

I want to get stronger. I want to expand my fitness horizons. I want to try new things and be happy more often. I want to take care of myself and treat myself with the respect and honor that I deserve. What’s in store?

  • Hatha yoga teacher training at Happy Tree Yoga beginning towards the end of January

  • Build muscle alongside great new like-minded friends

  • Compete again but with the intention of winning some hardware, having defined abs, or both (I’m not picky! Lol)

  • Continue to hit the gym regularly and eat to fuel my workouts and honour my body

  • Learn to pole dance

  • Get my finances in check

  • Grow my fitness business

  • Take another vacation (yeah right..)

  • Enjoy life to the fullest!!

What are YOUR goals for 2016? Whether they are fitness related or not I would love to know. Share with me in the comments below!

Happy New Year, Mitzfits!



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