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Time flies when you’re… having fun?

Time goes so quickly lately. Where did the summer go? Next week it will be September already!

The competition is getting closer and closer. I have to admit – I’m getting nervous. I trust the process and believe in the abilities of my coaches (and myself of course) but I worry that I won’t be where I need to be when October 3rd hits. Don’t get me wrong, I love what my body looks like right now. I’ve surpassed where I was before I fell off the bandwagon. I’m so proud of myself, it’s unbelievable. But, I set this goal for myself and I want to reach it so badly.

Happy and loving myself!

Keep reading for a recap of the Walk this past weekend! Pictures included.

This past weekend I participated in the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers with my aunt and sister and 1,100 other people. It was an incredible experience and although I am still feeling the effects (blistered feet and a pretty sore left leg/knee) I would do it all over again if I could.

Ready to go! Wearing personalized tank tops for our team – Hope is Where the Heart is

Ready to go! With my teammates – My aunt in the middle and one of my sisters on the right

About 2 hours in, my step grandmother (so, my aunts mom) came to see us at one of the pit stops. This was emotional because she just beat breast cancer this year! It meant so much to have her there with us. Just before that, my older sister and her kids came to visit at another pit stop and they showed up holding the pictures you will see below. We cried. Obviously. And her girls (5.5years old and almost 3years old) seemed to understand that they were doing something very important.

With my step-grandma, breast cancer survivor extraordinaire. I’m holding up a picture of my late mother, my aunt is holding a picture of my step-grandma and my sister is holding a picture of my grandma. These are 3 of the many special people we walked for.

9 hours later (including pit stops and lunch) we crossed the finish line!!


All three of us signed up to walk again next year. If you live in the Montreal area and want to walk with us next year, get in touch!

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