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Progress at 5 weeks out

Well, tomorrow is September already!!! Wow, this summer flew by fast..

This weekend marked 5 weeks until show time. My fellow competitor (Camille, and I went to Ottawa to visit our coach for a check-in, posing practice and workout session.

We had a great time! That’s the thing about Kim (check out her website!) – She is such a genuinely sweet person who sincerely cares about her clients and their well-being. So, spending time with her is never anxiety-inducing or difficult. It’s a pleasure :)

In spite of my anxiety this past week, I am on track and right where I should be for this point of my prep. I need to keep reminding myself that every competitor’s prep is different and specific to them. Just because I don’t look a certain way 5 weeks out from the competition and another competitor does, doesn’t mean that I’m not where I should be. It just means we are taking different routes to the same destination because we are, in fact, completely different people.

Today I start the next phase of my meal and workout plans. September will be a tough month but extremely rewarding. I know every bit of hard work that I put in will be so worth it.

On a more personal note – I’ve been feeling really good lately. About myself and just in general. I guess you could say I’m happy? Now I don’t want this to be misconstrued as my happiness being based on the changes I’m seeing in my body. There are other factors at play here. I just wanted to share because it’s about damn time!!

I posted this on Instagram with the caption “This is what a happy Mitzfitness looks like”

Well, Mitzfits, I hope you all had a wonderful summer and I wish you an incredible September! Remember to stay active and nourish yourself with wholesome foods.

xoxo Mitzi

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