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10.5 weeks out - love/hate relationship

Well, I am 10.5 weeks out from my first ever bikini competition. I am 4.5 weeks in to my competition prep. I want to say that I am loving every minute but to be honest, sometimes it's really hard!!

What do I find difficult?

- Cardio - I just can't enjoy it. I do it, of course. I trust my coaches and follow their plan but it doesn't mean I like it. However, the more cardio I do, the easier it gets. I'm looking forward to the day that I love it!! Or at least find it easy/bearable.

- Intensity - This one is a love/hate. I adore working out. I just love lifting. Get me in a gym and my mood totally changes for the better. My new workout plan caught me off guard when I started it. I was not expecting the level of intensity I received. Lots of sets, reps and exercises. It's getting "easier" now. Well, really, I'm getting stronger so it's not as daunting to complete everything.

- Hunger - I love my meal plan. I really don't mind eating the same things most of the time (I was doing that for the longest time anyway). It's being hungry that gets to me! I've got great discipline and self-control and really it's not so bad. But I want to be honest and transparent throughout this process which includes telling you Mitzfits like it is. I also understand that my meals will get smaller as the prep continues so I should enjoy this stage while I can..

What do I love?

- ALL OF IT. Everything. Even the difficult things.

- The sense of community between people who compete as well as making new friends that are part of this world

- The support from my friends and family and workplace family.

- The progress that I'm seeing in myself - changes in my body, self confidence levels and mindset

- Wearing clothes that haven't fit me in months. It's like buying new clothes without spending more money :)

This dress hasn't fit me since September! I was afraid to try it on again until last week. On the right is after my workout the same day.

This week I am going to work out with Sophie from Sophie P. Fitness. It's been so long since I've worked out with someone (hello bootcamp days!) so this should be fun. Plus she's competing in the same show as me in October. And no, I don't look at her as my competition. I am not competing against anyone other than myself - to see if I have what it takes to be stage ready and feel like I belong up there.

I have also signed on several new clients recently. I still have space for a few more! If you are interested in getting started on your own fitness/wellness journey just get in touch. I would love to help!

Stay fit, Mitzfits! xoxo

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