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Listen to your body and push it to its limits

Tired? All you want to do is stay in bed? Not feeling well because of it? LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

I stayed home on Thursday because I was so drained and tired that I felt sick from it. After sleeping most of the day I felt ok enough to go the gym for what I thought would be a light work out (bootcamp but scaled).

In the end I opted to do regular bootcamp at protocol weight and achieved a new personal record for Thrusters! (an olympic weightlifting movement)


Strength – Thrusters

5 – 5 – 3 – 3 -3 increasing the weight each time to hit a personal record

(I did: 5 x 45lbs, 5 x 55lbs, 3 x 65lbs, 3 x 70lbs, 3 x 75lbs)

I managed to lift 75 pounds for the thrusters which was an amazing accomplishment! I mean, back squatting something like that is one thing.. but actually lifting it over your head? INSANE! I was proud.

5 Rounds of –

14 Ring Dips

7 Sumo Dead Lift High Pull (protocol 65lbs for girls, 95lbs for guys)

400m run (or equivalent on elliptical, etc)

I completed that doozy in 25 minutes and 50 seconds. First to finish out of our group of 4 dedicated ladies.

Siscoe Gym is truly a family. Yes the WOD is for time but we always cheer each other on and provide unwavering encouragement.

I do still feel quite drained and am not shy to admit it is probably from over-training coupled with poor sleep this week and last. Can it be fixed? Absolutely. I made the executive decision to skip my Saturday morning bootcamp yesterday and just sleep in without an alarm. I feel a little better but by no means 100%.

Sunday was tough – Mother’s Day.. Looking forward to a new week with a gym session tonight followed by another on Tuesday. The gym makes everything better :) it’s like chocolate without the weight gain!

Moral of this post – listen to your body. It is ok to skip a workout!!! And when you are feeling good it is ok to push yourself super hard!!!!

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