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Hate burpees. Love the gym.

Monday night bootcamp. No better way to start the week!

Today’s WOD:

150m row (or 45 skips) / 1 burpee

150m row (or 45 skips) / 2 burpees

150m row(or 45 skips) / 3 burpees


150m row (or 45 skips) / 10 burpees

150m row (or 45 skips) / 10 burpees

150m row (or 45 skips) / 9 burpees


150m row (or 45 skips) / 1 burpee

THE END (Literally. I sprawled out on the floor after this one!!)

I pushed really hard on this workout. To the point where I felt like passing out a few times (yay breathing problems!) Not the smartest move but I know my limits and I remained within them. This workout was just what I needed after a difficult and emotional weekend. Completed this WOD (with jump rope) in 31:32. The trainer didn’t write my name down. Apparently I was supposed to do it myself… I was not aware haha. Oops.

Me, post workout. Love my new pink gym pants!

On Thursday I was early for bootcamp and the nutritionist (who happens to be the mom of one of my besties) was finishing up her day. I asked her really nicely if she would weigh me with the special scale that tests body fat and such. I’ve never done it before! I was pleasantly surprised with the results she gave me..

21.4% body fat

135.8 lbs (muscle!!!!!!)

Body of…. a 13 year old??

And some other things like hydration, etc.

She told me these are great numbers and that she is really proud of me. Coming from her, I appreciated it more than if I had just checked it myself.

Progress photo! Such a difference from just a month ago. Still a way to go.. Eating as clean as possible really does make a difference.

An example of what I eat for breakfast:

Egg White Muffins with Veggies


  • Egg whites

  • Vegetables of choice

  • Oil, cooking spray, whatever you want to grease the pans


Fill muffin tins with any veggies of your choosing

Cover with 2.5 tablespoons of liquid egg whites

Sprinkle with desired spices

Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees


They stay good for about a week and apparently freeze well though I have yet to try. I keep them in the fridge and bring one or two to work to accompany my applesauce with hemp/chia/flax/cinnamon.

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