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It seems like 2016 is not only the year for lots of goals but for lots of changes as well!

To start, I am moving. I have lived on my own for the past 4 years and it was time to leave my apartment. I will be living with one roommate but also right next door to one of my sisters! This is a big change as I have gotten quite used to living alone and all of the luxuries that come with it (you know… like putting something in the fridge and knowing it will still be there when you go back! Or, not having to be dressed to walk around the apartment. things like that…).

How will moving impact the goals I wrote about in my December 31st post? Well, for starters, it will help me save money. That will, in turn, help me get my finances in check (as I so eloquently wrote haha!). It will also help me grow my fitness business, but I will shed more light on that another time.

Some exciting developments:

  • I am now an ambassador for Buns and Barbells / Belacon Training. Belacon stands for “Believe, Achieve, Conquer”. Some words I can definitely get behind! They carry Men’s and Women’s clothing and offer training and nutrition plans. Their logo is adorable, too :) If you’d like to purchase some of their gear I do have a discount code that will get you 20% off! Mitzi20

  • I will be posting one blog post per week on the weekends starting next weekend! About what? Well whatever I’m feeling at the time. That may be a recipe, a motivational quote, a workout, you name it.

  • I start my Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Happy Tree Yoga next weekend. I am really looking forward to returning to my mat and learning about the culture, history, skill, etc and about myself along the way.

If you ever feel like you want some more Mitzfitness in your life, make sure you check out my Facebook page and my Instagram. I am always posting content over there. Plus if I can help you in any way to reach your goals, please get in touch!

xoxo Mitzi

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