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Photoshoot fun - October 2015

You know what’s fun? Being primped and pampered and getting your photo taken. The day after my bodybuilding competition I decided to do a photoshoot with the ever-so-talented Andrea Hausmann of Coco Haus Productions. This was my third, but certainly not my last, time shooting with this talented young lady.

The purpose of the shoot was to capture the hard work I had put in over the preceding 6 months. But, it was also more than that. I wanted to capture the shift in my self confidence that I experienced through prepping for the competition. I was finally ME again.

How did I plan for the shoot?

  1. I ensured that I was allowed to use my gym. We agreed on a Sunday morning right at opening to avoid bothering too many people. I even had the owner walk around the gym filming with his phone camera so I could show Andrea what it looked like prior to the shoot.

  2. I chose my outfits. I knew I wanted at least two different looks. I ended up going with three because when I found that bodysuit at La Senza I just had to do it..

  3. In this instance of shooting with Andrea, I decided to take care of my own hair and makeup. I had my hair done from the day before by Tamsen Rae and my coach, Kim, who is amazing at makeup helped me out and touched up my tan.

  • Andrea normally works with an incredible hair and makeup team which I have experienced before and loved. I highly recommend going that route!

  1. Went in with no expectations other than that I would have a great time. And that I did :)

Once I chose my outfits I sent them to Andrea just so she would have an idea of the looks I was going for.

I had originally wanted to shoot both inside the gym and outside by the Lachine Canal but it was too cold.

A really cool new feature to shooting with Andrea is that she has started offering polaroids! I got to take these home with me:

We started out with the bodysuit because the earlier we did it the less chance that someone would walk in to the locker room. The photos in this outfit make me feel empowered and feminine. At first I was kind of awkward but Andrea made me feel really comfortable.

After that I changed in to the shorts and bra top combination. With the workout gloves I felt like a badass. We took a variety of photos in this outfit, my favorites are below.

Bra top: Given to me by my coach Kim. Shorts: Lululemon. Gloves: purchased at Nutrizone.

I proceeded to change in to my purple outfit. I had purchased these pants and the bra about a month and a half earlier at Lululemon and decided not to wear them until the shoot. I was so excited!! Lululemon finally had leopard print!

We also took these two photos which I love! On the left I had changed back in to my regular clothes so that we could start packing up and Andrea just snapped the pic. And on the right, I had to rep Blackout for at least one photo. They had played a huge part in my journey back to myself.

Pants: Industry Active, Hoodie: Blackout!

Some raw unretouched images that I just looooove:

Would I shoot with Andrea again? Absolutely! Unfortunately I wont be able to for a little while.. but YOU should. Visit her website and start planning your own shoot today!



p.s. want to see more? check out my instagram! I post so much over there..

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