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Walking for cancer awareness and research

Today, August 22nd, marks a special day.

I am officially 6 weeks out from my competition. But, it’s more than that… Today I am walking alongside my aunt and my sister and about a thousand others in the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers benefitting the Segal Cancer Centre at the Jewish General Hospital. Although the walk is marketed as being in support of women’s cancers (breast and gynecologic) I participate in honor and support of those affected by all types of cancer.

I am only doing one day which means I will be walking approximately 32 kilometres.

My late mom and late grandmother

I walk for many reasons:

  • I have lost many loved ones to cancer – My mom, my grandmother and my great-grandmother all on the same side

  • Quite a few of my friends have lost loved ones to cancer

  • My step-grandmother just recently beat breast cancer!

  • I love to give back and I love to be active – this lets me do both

This will be my third time walking and I am sure that I will do it again!

A nice little silver lining to this walk is that my diet is changing for two days! Yesterday I got to eat extra carbs. It was already leg day so even more carbs than that. Plus, today, I get to each a little bit of extra carbs but the kicker is that I get to have a nice dose of fats today! And where will I get these fats from? Almonds and…. PEANUT BUTTER. I haven’t had peanut butter in so long!!! I’M SO EXCITED. Plus I got permission to make it the “bad” kind :D

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