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8 Weeks Out

Well my coaches gave me a new plan this past week. Time to step up my game!

Back muscles, yay!

So far I've definitely noticed changes in my body so I'm excited to see what the diet and exercise changes will bring. My back is getting more defined, and I can feel my tummy getting smaller. Can't wait for those abs to come out!

Leaning out!

In talking with a friend of mine I have realized how lucky I am. I still go out but no one pressures me to cheat on my plan. I haven't had a drink since April 3rd and plan to keep it that way. I only have a cheat meal once a week (which ends this week OMG) so if I say I'm not going to partake in something I don't have an audience saying "but it's only one bite. You eat well the rest of the time" or "it's just one drink". It's never just one of anything. Physically it might be one but mentally it's a whole other ball game.

My car died so I've been taking the bus/metro and walking. It's tough because I'm always running around between work, my own training, training clients and family duties. But so far it's working out and it's forcing me to get my cardio in. Can't wait to get a new car soon!

My motivation seems to have stayed the same if not gotten stronger over these past 6 weeks of prep. Sometimes while I'm preparing my food I get a little fed up and annoyed because honestly I'd rather go take a nap. But, otherwise, I'm loving the workouts and am handling the actual diet really well! I'm ok with being hungry sometimes and I'm ok with eating the same things all the time. I'm strong-willed.

Arms pumped post-workout

Well, all this to say... 8 more weeks until this body under construction is displayed on stage! I am so so so excited and looking forward to all the new experiences that come along with it.

A sneak peak of my soon-to-be-blinged-out suit and matching jewelry!

Want a taste of where some of my real-world inspiration comes from?

Sophie P. Fitness


Kim's Health and Wellness Studio

Peanut Bars and PRs


Blackout Fitness

That's all for now, Mitzfits, promise to update soon with more progress and some new informative posts on the benefits of certain exercises and certain foods!

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