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A new chapter

I am exactly 14 weeks out from my first-ever bikini competition!

Wednesday, June 24th was a holiday in Quebec. Since I was not working I booked the pre-competition-prep check-in with my coach. I made my way to Ottawa by train, which is always super relaxing! We had a training sesh, practiced posing, took measurements and of course enjoyed the great company.

She was extremely pleased with my results thus far and said I am at a very good starting point for my prep. I am so pleased with myself! My body fat is lower than where I thought it was and I certainly didn't think I was in a good place for prep.

I will be starting my new plan next week and am so excited! Keep reading for a recap of my amazing vacation as well as a picture of my current "before" body and many thoughts from my overactive brain.

My "before" picture for competition prep:

I am so proud of this photo.

My current stats: Weight - 156 pounds Body fat - 22.65%

My goal is to reduce my body fat to around 15%. I know I can do it! With the help of my coaches and with determination I can do anything.

I also have to admit that after my vacation - 11 days of eating pretty much whatever I wanted and minimal exercise I thought I had ruined all the progress I made to date. But, when I got back home from my vacation the scale said I had only gained half a pound and my clothes still fit the same way they did when I left. I guess all the walking we did and the one gym session I completed in Israel paid off?

What was my vacation exactly? Well I applied for and was chosen to participate in this trip. I had applied on a whim, then totally forgot about it until I received an email a few weeks later requesting a phone interview. The day of my phone interview I was nervous but excited. That afternoon I received the call back informing me that I was accepted! About 175 people applied for this trip but only 8 were chosen. I felt so special.

Fast forward a few months and it was time to leave! From June 9 to June 17 (I stayed until June 20 to see my family after) I was with this phenomenal group of people touring the most amazing country. Though I have been to Israel several times before, I had never seen it quite like this. We were fed exquisite food, rubbed shoulders with successful, inspirational people (the list included industry leaders in investments, medicine, technology and philanthropy) and visited some pretty cool places. We got to see Israel Aerospace Industries and get up close and personal with some airplanes and UAVs and even got to sit inside a command centre. We also had the opportunity to visit the Elite chocolate factory. That was so interesting to see, not to mention delicious since they gave us each goodie bags on the way out! The other big highlight was a Jeep tour through the Judean Desert. As much as I begged to drive the car, I was not allowed in the end.. Something to do with insurance, blah blah blah. I did, however get to snap this picture :)

Pretending to drive the Jeep in the Judean Desert in Israel:

The most remarkable part of the trip was being able to attend the board of governors meeting at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. We were witness to fascinating speakers in addition to some incredible entertainment during the honorary fellowship and doctorate ceremonies.

I can truly say that I returned to Montreal with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation for the next steps in my life and career. More on that in a future post…

Have a grew week, Mitzfits!!

A few more photos from my vacation

View of Tel Aviv from Jaffa:

The best falafel in Haifa!

Selfie after my one and only gym workout!

Beach view during a morning run in Tel Aviv

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