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Some thoughts and a life update!

Thought of the day

I am blessed to have met some pretty amazing people in my 27.5 years on this earth. I've made myself a little family if you will. I've known one of these precious beings since I was a little girl and some for only a couple of years or even 8 months! They know who they are.

Today marks a friendaversary (yes, this is now thing because I decided to make it one) with one of my BFFs. We became friends exactly two years ago. She is one of the most reliable, trustworthy, responsible, generous and sweet people I know. I am lucky to call her my friend!

Reliability... Such a virtue yet so few actually have it. Listing those qualities really makes me evaluate the other people in my life. That's what brought on this post. I guess I'm just moving forward and growing as person. My interests have evolved and my goals have changed and if I can't relate to someone on any level other than our shared history, well then I don't need to bend over backwards for them. This has happened before and I don't doubt it will happen again!


So what's been going on in the life of Mitzfitness? Well for starters I just began week 7 of a great workout and meal plan from my friend, trainer and Canfit Pro teacher Kim (visit her website here). I feel AMAZING. I look AMAZING. My clothes are fitting again and I'm not a lazy bum anymore! This was the best last step of coming out of my depression.

Oh you know.. Just me feeling awesome:

I've taken on two new weekly clients that keep killing it week after week. I've also been creating workout plans for several others. Are YOU interested in working with me? Head on over to the services page to see what I can do for you then head over to the contact page to get in touch!

Next up, a much needed vacation in June.

Then, when I get back from vacation, the real work starts - Competition Prep! On October 3, 2015 I will be competing in the IDFA Eastern Canada Classic in the Novice Fitness Model category. I am beyond excited and am really looking forward to the journey (not to mention sharing that journey with all of YOU!).

Side note - I think I need to meet more fitness-minded people who take their training as seriously as I do. It's hard when even those closest to you just don't understand.

I promise not to wait so long before posting again.

Until next time, Mitzfits!

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