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Friday Food For Thought

Some Friday food for thought for all you Mitzfits - The beginning is always hardest. Why? Because most of us tend to jump in to a change head first and with many large goals. The trick? Smaller (realistic) goals, slow pace and a will to succeed.

Having trouble sticking to a plan you've just started? Don't give up. Just adjust your plan! Perhaps you are hell-bent on losing 10 pounds and achieving a super sleek physique. Adjust that plan to reach a loss of 2 pounds perhaps. A healthy rate is 1-2 pounds per week, who says you can't do that? You'll reach that ultimate goal in at least 5 weeks. And each week you can pat yourself on the back for reaching your smaller goal.

Additionally, a habit takes approximately 21 days to form. This means, if you can do anything for 21 days, it will become second nature to you and part of your daily routine.

Chin up, buttercup! You CAN do this. Whatever "this" is for you.

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