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Monday Motivation - back to (my) basics

I started juicing again! And went back to yoga.. that can mean only one thing… Great things are on the horizon!

Today marks a new week - a new beginning. A new outlook. A fresh start! What am I starting? I have no idea, but I do know that whatever it is I always have a great support system and great starting point.

On Sunday I woke up too late to go to Olympic Weightlifting (which I had every intention of attending). Instead of beating myself up for it (which was very tempting) I just kept repeating to myself all day that no matter what happened I would attend yoga at 5pm. And attend yoga at 5pm, I did. I got there about a half hour early and ended up falling asleep on my mat waiting for class to start. Somehow I managed to quiet my thoughts and relax - a very rare occurrence. The class was equally amazing and left me feeling both proud and rejuvenated.

I loved how I felt after class - refreshed and absolutely motivated for the days ahead.

New week, new outlook. What are YOU up to??



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