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A post about being thankful, from my heart to your screens

Almost 4 years ago I got hit by a car. Later that same day my mom died. 1 year ago my dad got a little sick. 2 months ago I broke up with who I thought was the love of my life. This year I got my first speeding, parking and traffic violation tickets. Yesterday I got a damn paper cut!

6 years ago I went on the trip of a lifetime - Birthright. 3.5 years and 1 year ago my amazing nieces were born. 2.5 years ago I discovered Bootcamp classes at Siscoe Gym. Over the years I have forged some amazing friendships. 4 months ago I landed a great job. Yesterday I went to sleep and today I woke up.

Regardless of the type of experiences - good or bad - they all shaped who I am TODAY. Who I will be in the FUTURE. Dwelling on them is pointless. Being thankful for them and learning from them is key.

The people you love are forever in your heart. Each one is different and takes up a different size space but they don't really ever leave you. They shape you and define you in ways that simple relationships never can.

A picture, a song, a smell can all become dreaded experiences because of the feelings they stir in your heart and in your mind. I can't listen to specific songs without conjuring memories of my mother cooking or of an ex-boyfriend singing me to sleep. Not to say that these memories cause pain but they cause a certain discomfort. How one uses this discomfort is the important part.

Instead of dreading these, build upon them. Learn from them. Grow.

I have learned that life is short. It's fleeting and extremely valuable. Don't leave things unsaid. Give in to your emotions. Take risks. Laugh. Create new experiences and above all take care of yourself because no one else will do as good a job as you can.

Losing someone is hard. As obvious as that is it has to be said. Acknowledging that fact is the first step towards coming to terms with or grieving that loss. When I say loss I really mean losing someone. That person is no longer in your life whether it is due to a falling out, a death, a break up, a new distance, etc. A loss is a loss. They all have their levels of severity but they are all difficult.

I miss my mommy every day and will always love her. I honor her memory by living my life to the fullest.

Losing who you consider to be the love of your life is also a tough situation but (with some unpredictable amount of time) you let go and you move on - remaining open to the fact that you are now able to meet someone who better suits you and possesses the same life dreams. Maybe they weren't the love of your life after all.

Be thankful for all of your experiences - Good, bad, mediocre. Be thankful for the family and friends you do have. Be thankful for every breath you take that signifies you are alive.

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