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Life, use it well

One of the best ways to live your life is actively!

Here is another taste of what my lovely clients can do.

Warm up:

100 skips 10 sit-ups 9 squats 8 lunges 7 jumping jacks with weights in each hand 6 sit-ups 5 push ups 4 ab twists with weight 3 dips 2 v-ups 1 long squat

Work out: Ascending ladder

1 squat 2 push ups 3 sit-ups 4 lunges 5 ab twists with weight 6 jumping jacks with weights in each hand 7 squats 8 dips 9 v-ups 10 lunges

This is a fun workout that targets the entire body. It is something you can do in the comfort of your own home.

All you need is a jump rope and some weights!

Ascending ladder: Each round, you repeat what you did before and add on the next line so by the end of the workout you do exactly what is written above 1 squat, 2 push ups, 3 sit-ups......9 v-ups and 10 lunges.

Have fun and be active, Mitzfits!

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