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Get your yoga on!

Haven’t written a post in a while, but believe me… I’ve been working hard!

My workout regime is as intense as ever although I’ve added in some hot yoga to balance it out.

Yoga is such an amazing activity. It has so many health benefits that I’m not even going to attempt listing them here. See the infographic below:

How about some honesty? Life isn’t always peachy.. Sometimes the bad outweighs the good. Sometimes you are fortunate and the good outweighs the bad. At the end of the day, though, it’s all about how you handle it and how you perceive it. Most aspects of your life can be absolutely amazing but if you focus on the sore spot, the good stuff falls to the side.

Since I woke up feeling pretty down I decided to make a good breakfast to try and cheer myself up. Yes, that does work sometimes!!!

2 eggs covered in spices (too much cayenne meant overcompensating with ginger and lemon pepper!), almonds and a juice (Apple, cucumber, red pepper)

SCRUMPTIOUS! Didn’t really make me feel better in the end but it definitely did wonders for my taste buds as well as energy levels for the day.

Moral of this post – Nutrition is important! As is yoga and relaxation.

Join me on Friday evening at Siscoe Gym for hot yoga! They have great drop in and monthly rates. I am trying to attend a class at least once a week from now on.

Have a good night Mitzfits!

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