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Pushing yourself

Don’t be afraid to push yourself. The only way to better yourself is to find your limits and break them. Time and time again.

The same can be said about weight lifting. If you constantly lift the same weight, how can you possibly get stronger? Find your maximum, and then aim to lift more the next time. And the next time. And the next.

At my gym last night, we had an intense workout awaiting us upon arrival. 100 Overhead Squats (at 65lbs for girls and 95lbs for guys). Complete them as fast as you can, but every minute on the minute, drop and do 3 burpees. At a glance, that workout looks simple. Easy, even. In execution – not so much! During the warm up I tested the protocol weight and was able to do it, though I doubted my ability to perform 100 of those squats. I was open to lowering the weight but Heidi (our lovely Tues/Thurs trainer) pushed me to stay with it. I’m glad I did! A year ago I never would’ve been able to do this, let alone in 19 minutes and 40 seconds.

I am starting to train my first client in a little over a week when she comes back from vacation. This is a trial for me to get a feel for preparing a workout program and coaching someone one on one before I go for my exam. I am beyond excited! This is my passion. And if I can make someone else fall in love with fitness and a healthy lifestyle, as well, then I’m one happy camper.

Lots of love, Mitzfits.


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