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Live a little! Step outside your comfort zone

Sometimes all you need to brighten your day, week, month, whatever – is to try something new. Step outside of your comfort zone. LIVE A LITTLE.

Late May and June so far seem to have been just that for me – a step outside my comfort zone. First, the Spartan Race in May. Then, I volunteered to help out at my nieces dance recital where I knew no one except the owner of the dance school (Tyler Anne School of Dance, check them out!!!). Following that I visited the dentist (if you know me personally then you understand why this is outside of my comfort zone). Hell I’ve even started on a new food plan from my gym aimed at lowering body fat percentage. It’s a big change for me! (Post to follow, stay tuned for food ideas as well as pictures)

With these new and different experiences I am expanding my outlook on life as well as on people. I admit, coming from my background I grew up with a pretty narrow/sheltered view. Granted, we were on the lower end of that spectrum, but on it nonetheless. Of course, attending public post secondary institutions and entering the work force helped immensely. But, I have to say nothing has compared to going to Siscoe Gym. This place is a home. The people working out inside are part of one big family! I feel accepted, respected, motivated and most of all – comfortable. I have met some wonderful people who I never would have met otherwise and have forged new friendships that I can see reaching the same heights as those that I have cultivated for years.

The rush I felt after the Spartan Race was like no other. I think the closest feeling I have to that is when I accomplish something crazy at the gym like hitting a PR for deadlifts or actually doing a handstand pushup. I had quite a few people (my grandmother included!) ask me why I would ever want to do something like that. Why, as a girl, would I want to run through the mud and be faced with obstacles? My answer to them was “Well, why not? Why not me?” And, now, I can say that I did it!

This should be the answer to any doubts or questions in anyone’s minds when considering a new experience or challenge. Don’t hesitate because, really, why not you? Why shouldn’t you be able to do something that so many others are capable of? We underestimate ourselves and our abilities. Sometimes too much, I think.

On that note, go try something new! Take a dance class, meet new people, sign up for a run, get out there!!

I would love to hear from my readers.. Tell me the last thing you did that was outside your comfort zone :)

Be fearless, Mitzfits!

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