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Happiness is not a priority. It's a necessity!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately (surprising I know! Haha) and just want to stress to all my readers how important it is to be happy.

Happiness is something that is different for every person! Lately, I am happiest when I am at the gym – immersed in a workout.

Others may be happiest when they are lying in the sunshine reading a book. Another may be happiest when he or she is in the company of good friends or a significant other.

Hand in hand with happiness, I find, is passion. Be passionate about everything you do. Find a job you’re passionate about and it will never feel like work. Be passionate in your relationships with others (friends, family and significant others) – you will forge stronger connections while doing things you are passionate about.

These days my passion is exercise. My primary motivation? Being fit, healthy, and able to live a long life. My secondary motivation? Look sexy as fuck naked (A lot of people actually want this they just dont say it out loud. You’re welcome!) as well as have the body most people expect of a personal trainer (walking advertisement for myself once I get my certification).

What are YOUR passions? What makes YOU happy?

Don’t have an answer right off the bat? Maybe it’s time to sit down and ask yourself some introspective questions and see how you could make your life that much better.

Be happy, Mitzfits!

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