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No pants? No problem!

Wow. I am still on a high from today’s workout.. It seemed easy at first. Was very intense… and SO MUCH FUN.

Before I get in to what we did today I need to recount the story of how I arrived at the gym. Class starts at 6:30. I finish work at 5 and on days where bootcamp is at 6:30 I go home to get the car then cruise on over to the gym. I knew I was going to be early and figured I’d just relax and read or something. So I show up at about 5:50pm and go to take my bag out of the trunk – when it hits me. I forgot to pack pants. PANTS!! Who forgets pants???? I obviously worked out if I am posting about how awesome it was. So, this is what I did. I drove 3 blocks away to Le Chateau and bought brand new leggings which I then wore for my workout. These leggings were so… inappropriate? I may as well have been pantsless, I think. But, I got to workout and that’s all that matters!! (the big laugh doesn’t hurt either lol)

To start we had our warm up. This gave us a taste of what was to come..

5 minutes cardio of choice 10 slow squats 3 inch worms 3 pull ups 3 knees to elbow 3 burpees 3 plyometric push ups 3 box jumps 3 russian lunges 2 wall climbs 2 handstand push ups

Just the warm up was great so imagine how the actual WOD felt..

Here’s how it worked: there were 8 rounds in total. Each round grew, making it an ascending ladder.

1 Handstand push up 2 Wall climbs 3 Pull ups 4 Knees to elbow 5 Burpees 6 Plyometric push ups 7 Box Jumps 8 Russian Lunges

So round 1 you do 1 handstand pushup. Round 2 – 1 handstand pushup and 2 wall climbs. Round 3 – 1 handstand push up, 2 wall climbs and 3 pull ups. Round 4 – 1 handstand pushup, 2 wall climbsm 3 oull ups and 4 knees to elbows. Follow that pattern all the way to the 8th round where you are doing every single exercise in that list then congratulating yourself on a job well done :)

I felt amazing when I finished. I was the second to do so and managed to complete this in 17:40. I haven’t done many upside down exercises since my surgery (out of fear) and it made me so happy to see that I could do them without a problem and had nothing to be afraid of.

I found a recipe for cookies that I want to make this weekend. As it is a long weekend I will take advantage of the

extra time to do things around the house, visit my dad, go to the gym (of course) and cook/bake!

Link to recipe – CLICK ME

I will absolutely post pictures comments and adaptations when I am done!

In other news… I have been doing a lot of introspective thinking and trying to evaluate where I want to be in life and how to get there as well as with whom and of course why I want these things.

Should things change, a blog post would definitely mention it. Otherwise – life is just the same old. And I don’t know if I am ok with that.

Have a good night, Mitzfits!

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