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When life gets in the way…

So… many months ago I stopped writing this blog. Why, you may wonder?

The short version:

I got sick and discovered I needed surgery on my septum/sinuses. With the difficulty breathing it was hard for me to work out and I felt sick all the time. Things like working out and cooking all the time kind of fell to the side. At the same time, my dad fell ill.

I had my surgery in January and have healed nicely (albeit I still have trouble breathing when doing intense cardio). My dad? He is on the road to recovery which may be a long one.

Here’s the WOD we had on Monday.. Seems easy, but let me tell you… we really worked our cores!!

All 5 rounds started with 24 walking overhead lunges (with 15 pounds)

Followed by: 21 – 18 – 15 – 12 – 9 of:

Flutter kicks (4x the above numbers)

Kettle bell swings with 35 pounds

I am proud to say I completed this WOD in 21 minutes and 37 seconds. With the protocol weights! The overhead lunges actually called for holding a kettlebell in one hand with arm extended straight up but I chose to do it holding a 15 pound plate with two hands.

I have been following a cleaner way of eating – I have cut out processed foods as much as possible and am staying away from grains and dairy. Of course I cheat here and there. Of course no one is perfect. What matters is that it is a choice I made for myself and I recognize how good I feel when I follow the guidelines I set out for myself. Anyway I am lactose intolerant so staying away from dairy is kind of important!!!

Clearly I have regained my momentum with the gym, am doing the Spartan Race at the end of the month and have recently discovered that this is not just a hobby.. This is a passion that I want to pursue all the way. Come August, I want to do the CanFitPro personal training certification. Following that and the exam (which I will pass no matter what since it’s on my birthday LOL) I will hopefully train with David at my gym – Siscoe Gym.

Last week I was looking through old pictures and when I came across some pictures of myself that really grossed me out. It was kind of sad. The following picture is of me in July 2009 vs April 2013. The recent picture isn’t a great one (you can see I’m a little sick!) but it was so similar to the one from 2009 I just had to use it.

I’ve come a long way but still have a way to go! (in all senses not just body shape/size)

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