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To bootcamp? Or not to bootcamp?

No Regrets

Well today was long. By the end of work I was contemplating skipping out on my workout and just relaxing at home. I was sore from yesterday's class (as predicted) and my left arm is sore from a shot this morning.

Something I've learned over time is that when you are doubting a work out you should do it anyway. I mean if you are really in a lot of pain, all you have to do is tell the trainer and they will adapt the work out for you. Or, if you're really just being a baby, you'll really get in to it after the first few minutes. (This is just my opinion!! I am not a doctor or a trained professional...yet.)

I opted to go to class.


Was it hard? Yes. Will I be even more sore (sorer?) now? Absolutely. Will I regret it? HELL NO.

The WOD today was very intense. We did the usual warm up (see the last entry I posted) followed by the following workout:

5 rounds of:

10 push presses

20 kettle bell swings

30 box jumps

I managed to complete it in under 15 minutes! I always give myself a goal after the first few minutes once I see my pace. My time was 13:50.

I believe I have earned a relaxing evening with a small glass of wine to accompany my quinoa!

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